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What our clients say:

Some of our clients have recently said:

Sheaffer TM Touchdown purchase:

"I am amazed at the writing characteristics of this pen. Whenever I try out a new pen I ask myself 'how would this go in a three-hour written exam?" This one passes with flying colours. Once again, excellent service. As dear Vera Lynn would say, 'we'll meet again".
Michael D., West Heidelberg, Victoria, April 2021

Vintage pen repair:

"My pen arrived back today.  It's great to be able to use it again.  Thanks so much for the excellent customer service and communication, much appreciated."
Briony F., Port Pirie, South Australia, February 2021

Parker 75 Ciselle received in many parts and very poor condition:

"My Parker 75 arrived safely in today's mail.  Beautifully smooth.  The feel and flow is as I recall when it was new.  It was decades ago when it was new. Thank you."

Malcolm G., Brisbane, February 2021

Sheaffer - refurbishment of vintage Touchdown:

"Thank you so much for the great job you did in restoring my fountain pen.  It feels and looks like a new pen and I realise now why its my favourite fountain pen."
Frank S. , New Zealand, July 2020

Nib repair:

"I'm not sure if I got back to you to thank you for the perfect repair job.  The pen is writing as well as it did before its accident."
Ruth O., Geelong West, Victoria, July 2020

Swan pen sale:

"Received my Swan pen today ... it is a good writer ... and as you promised, the condition of it was indeed excellent."
Dr Lionel C., Orange, NSW, June 2020

Sheaffer restoration:

"Thank you for the great job you did on my Sheaffer the other week ... it fills and writes beautifully now.  It seems much smoother now."
Jake Y., Sydney, NSW, June 2020

Swan fountain pen sale:

"First card with the new pen.  It's great to use.  Very happy with it.  Thank you very much."
Sam W., Melbourne, June 2020

Parker nib repair:

"Thanks for working on the nib.  I am enjoying using it again - a smooth wet writer.  Thanks again for everything."
Phil L., Brisbane, Queensland, May 2020

Visconti nib repair:

"I bet you have realised (as I have) that far too many people only write anything in order to complain, or when something goes wrong. Sadly, it is less common to hear back from a customer when they want to say thank you. Thank you for the wonderful job you did on my Visconti.  Now that it is back, it is better than it was so I felt compelled to write to you and show my appreciation.  Sorry I called you that Sunday night (yes, it was me)."
Javier R., Victoria, April 2020

Parker 51 repair:

"I received my Parker 51 today, and it writes beautifully.  The fountain pen is a family heirloom, once belonged to a very special member of our famliy.  Your craftsmanship and excellent customer service is much appreciated.  Thank you."
Philip D., Cooranbong, NSW, February 2020

A Sheaffer Targa purchaser:

"I just bought a Sheaffer Targa and I have used it and have to say for my first ever gold nib pen, this is night and day to steel nibs.  It is incredibly wet and smooth and it looks absolutely beautiful.  You are by far the best vintage pen seller for good reasons and answered all my inquiries.  I really do love this pen and it is a dream come true that it is here.  I am definitely going to buy a vintage Parker pen, a little later, but thank you so much for all you've done."
Kevin W., Noble Park, Victoria, January 2020

A new Waterman owner:

"Received the Waterman's set safe and sound. I love it! Just as described, and you made ordering and payment quite easy. It's an amazing thing, this stringing together of technologies that allows a pen that I can see in crisp images from around the world, to arrive in my hands some 10 days later. Good show!"
Bob Merki, Seattle, USA, September 2019

A new Parker Vacumatic owner:

"My pen is lovely.  I always wanted a Vacumatic.  And now I have one, I think I want more.  Will definitely be watching your site."
Vicki, Mt Waverley, Victoria, July 2019

A repair client:

"Thank you.  Dad's pen never looked or felt so lovely.  Can't wait to put some ink in it and give it a whirl."
Paul, Woody Point, Queensland, July 2019

Total restoration of a vintage 1950's Montblanc fountain pen:

"I gave you half a pen without the important filling mechanism which you seem to have manufactured and fitted in such a way that the new parts are indistinguishable from the originals.  You have given my old friend a new life, for which I am very grateful."
Assoc Professor Peter, Melbourne University, April 2019

A rather rare Parker Vacumatic prototype repair:

"I know I sent the pen to you in pieces (many of them) but what you have done to restore it is amazing work.  I am particularly impressed by your ability to make some missing parts, all of which, match the originals.  I was also very pleased with the reasonable price you charged for the great work."
Basile, Singapore, February 2019

A vintage Conklin fountain pen with an unusual (and unique) hole in the barrel:

"I was very happy with your recent restoration work.  It was my grandfather's pen and it held great sentimental value for my 93 year old father - he was particularly delighted."
Ian Lomas, NSW, September 2018.

Restoration of an old Sheaffer Touchdown:

"My husband's pen arrived today safely.  On his behalf I would like to say thank you very much for your prompt professionalism in regard to the work required.  My husband has now filled the pen with ink and is extremely happy. We will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone that may need a pensmith."
Marise Mazzitelli, Melbourne, August 2018.

Parker 51 sales:

"The pens arrived yesterday.  They are just great.  Thank you so much.  If you ever have a ... , please let me know. Thanks a lot."
Christof, Switzerland, May 2018.

Pair of French gold chatelaines sent to us for restoration:

"We are more than impressed with your technical and restorative skill.  What were 'lumps of mouldy and bent gold' have been skilfully transformed back to their original condition and now operate in their intended form with their original appearance and finish superbly restored.  As you know, we sent these pens to you as agents of the owner who wishes to sell them using our services.  Whilst we will advertise and market the pens as having been sympathetically restored, the pens will now fetch very good auction prices which will truly exceed the owner's expectations.  We knew the work would take some time to do but you carefully and skilfully did the work well within the time frame we required.  The gold work you have undertaken, particularly the re-graving of the damaged portions of both pens is nothing short of superb.  Clearly, you have re-fabricated parts damaged beyond repair and done so in a superb manner.  Your workmanship is to be admired and we will be using you again."
English Auction House, February 2018

And, the two chatelaines sold at auction for just in excess of 4,000 GBP as against what would otherwise have been scrap gold value.

A happy (repeat) repair customer:
"I fell in love with the silver family heirloom you restored for me last year.  It was too good to use on a day to day basis so I bought a few more fountain pens to use daily, which as you know, I sent to you to repair.  Again, you have done a superb job of the five pens which I value just as much as the 'silver treasure'.  Thank you so much.
Alain Hublot, Spain, September 2017

Parker 51 Repair:

"You recently repaired my 65 year old Parker 51.  This is just a vote of confidence, my pen works well, almost like a new one."
Brian Cawte, July 2017

Sheaffer Snorkel Purchase:
"Thanks a lot. You really went above and beyond to back this sale. That is really commendable. I’ll no doubt purchase from you again and will recommend you to my friends. Thanks for the spectacular service. My hat’s off to you."
Kevin Parks, Seoul, South Korea, June 2017
Parker 51 Repair:

"My Parker 51 is now usable! What a fantastic job you've done on it.  Thank you so much.  I'm now a disciple and am recommending you to friends who use fountain pens. "
Alan Hoare, February 2017

A satisfied customer:

"I am very happy with all of the pens I have purchased from you. I use them all at different times and find them fascinating. Many younger people at my work often ask me what  am i writing with as they have never seen or heard of a fountain pen. I am always happy to enlighten them.  My writing has improved enormously and is legible again. I learned to write with fountain pens in my early school years (unfortunately many years ago now!). It appears I never really forgot how to use and write with a fountain them. I am continuing on my quest to bring the use of the "the fountain pen" back" to life again. Lets see how it progresses.  If you want to put those comments on your web site - be my guest."
Bill Fleming,  February 2017

Repair of a crushed silver eyedropper fountain pen:

"What great service you offer.  I'd have never thought that silver pen to be capable of any form of restoration let alone the creative and masterful artistry you displayed in repairing my silver family heirloom which will live for many more generations."
Alain Hublot, Spain, November 2016

Repair of Waterman 100 year pen:

"I never believed Eric when he said you could re-make all of the missing parts for my Waterman which I know arrived with you as a tragic batch of parts.  I cannot understand how you made the missing parts but, you did.  Great workmanship which you should be very proud of.  I'm now very proud of the pen."
Stephen Johnston, Harrogate, UK, July 2016

Sheaffer Snorkel Sale:

"I am pleased to report that the pen survived its journey thanks to the careful and professional way in which it was packed, and I thank you for it.  I am most impressed by the pen which looks better than the description on the website had led me to believe.  So far the pen equals or exceeds my expectations.  The pen's clean condition impressed me ... the nib and filling system were perfectly clean from the start.  I'm most impressed and look forward to our next pen or nib!"
Bill Gerber, Israel, December 2015

A broken section and ink-feed "ïmplant" by way of repair:

"Thank you for a job well done.  The repair was flawless."
Fabian Wong, Victoria, September 2015

Parker 51 sale:

"Your service has been great.  The pen is majestic.  Pensmith's description of the item is spot on, with the exception that I get the feeling that you under-rate so as not to disappoint.  Will definitely be coming back for more items. Packaging was superb ... On a scale of 1 to 10, right now I am an 11.5 - ecstatic.  Would absolutely recommend Pensmith to others."
June 2015

And on another sale of a Parker 65 fountain pen:
"I am loving this pen.  Just love verything about it ... At present if I had to choose  a death row pen to write my last epistle, it would be this pen. And you can put that in your blog."  And, we did!
September 2015
Wayne Yorath, South Australia,

Complex repair of Sheaffer Sterling Silver fountain pen:

"I wanted to send you a short note before Easter just to acknowledge and thank you for the work you did repairing my Silver Sheafer pen (originally my father’s pen).   I can report to you that the pen is working well with the new inside that you built and I am using it again every day. I know you spent a deal of time figuring out how to fix it and then getting the parts and doing the work.  The end result is excellent.  Not only does the pen work but you were able to fix the barrel so that the pen top fits properly again and it looks beautiful, just as it did when Dad had it.   I’m grateful for your hard work and I wanted to tell you that.  Hopefully the pen will continue to work for some time yet but nothing’s perfect and I’m not expecting it to last forever.  I am grateful though, to have it back in my pocket. "
Victorian Barrister, April 2015

Conway Stewart cap repair:

"Thank you very much for repairing my cap and for your generosity.  I am very happy with the repair and there are no signs of any repair on the outside.   I look forward to purchasing from you again."
Derek Truong, NSW, February 2015

June 2014 - Pens for films:

We supplied the vintage pens to Gallipoli Productions Pty Ltd ( a division of South Australia Film Corporation) for use by actors in "Deadline Gallipoli", a mini-series telling the story of journalists of the day who struggled to obtain the truth from Government about Australia's fighting status during Word War I.  The series will be released to coincide with the 2015 Anzac Day Centenary.

Conway Stewart VIntage Pencil:

"The Conway Stewart pencil has arrived  safely.  Thank you for your fine work.  It will make an excellent 70th birthday present. "
Sue Gore, St Kilda, May 2014

Eversharp Skyline restoration:

"I'm amazed at how my Skyline looks.  It is a totally different pen - almost unrecognisable.  Everything on the pen had perished, plating included.  You've done a wonderful job in bringing it back to life as a usable and practical old pen."
Frank Leopold, Brisbane, February 2014

A Eversharp Doric restoration:

"Thank you for your skill and fine work in restoring my late father's Doric.  The pen looks brand new and writes like it."
Peter Mercer, Auckland, New Zealand, October 2013

A Parker Duofold repair:

"Just a note to thank you for the repair job you did on my Parker Duofold pen with the failed plunger and crossed nib. The pen has never worked better with excellent ink flow and smmooooth writing. It is a delight to use again!"
Geoff Wood, Victoria,  January 2013

A fine, matched Conway Stewart Dinkie set:

"The Dinkie pen and pencil set arrived safely today.  It was fun to unwrap the well packaged parcel!  I am delighted to renew my Conway Stewart writing experience ... Thank you for prompt, friendly and efficient service (and for telling us ow they were manufactured) ... It makes these writing instruments more special."
Val Campbell, Carwoola, N.S.W., July 2012

A Swan Leverless purchase:

"The Swan leverless fountain pen finally arrived today. Just a quick email to say I'm delighted... the nib is responsive and gives a good variation of line, as you can see in the attached jpg. I'm happy."
Jeff Hoyle, Wanneroo, Western Australia, January 2011

Jeff's cartoon using his new Swan Leverless:

[for more examples of Jeff's cartoon work, follow this link]

A recent vintage pen pen purchase:

"I am blown away with the way these pens perform.  They obviously experience much loving care in your hands while being restored.  I am particularly impressed with the (vintage) Conway Stewart.  It could well be the best fountain pen I've ever used."
Peter Carlsen, Woodgate Beach, Queensland, January 2011

After restoring a pair of Conway Stewarts that hadn't seen daylight for 30 years:

"Today I received my pen and pencil back from you and I just wanted to say thank you again.  ... They are just like new."
Robert Looker, Manly, N.S.W., July 2010

Following a recent repair:

"I am so delighted you have been able to repair the pens which have sentimental memories.  What a pity that people are not writing letters, as the email seems to have taken over.  A letter in the letter box is a rarity but my grandson in Australia likes to get my letters, so the pens will be put to good use.  Thank you."
Joan Gross, Lower Hutt, New Zealand, June 2010

After a vintage pen purchase:

"The package arrived today with the ink and the two pens.  Thank you very much, I am delighted ..."
Andrew Mason, Queensland, March 2010

Another vintage pen purchase:

"My wife grew up in the UK.  She pronounced the pen 'wonderful'.  I'm afraid the pen is no longer mine!"
Alan Gloeckle, Merrick, NY, U.S.A.


"Just a quick note to say thanks for the Novelli pen.  Very handsome pen!  Thank you for such a smooth transaction."
Mark Srebnick, Redwood City, CA, U.S.A.

After a nib repair:

"... the nib works as well as the day I bought the pen."
Bob Doyle, Canberra, A.C.T. - January 2010.

After a total restoration of a 1905 Onoto:

"Doesn't make much sense to spend money on a worn out pen but it was my father's 21st birthday present. It reminds me of  the axe I have in the shed - it has had two new heads and five new handles but, it is the best axe I've ever had. Thank you very much for a great job."
Bill Tyson, South West Rocks, N.S.W. - December 2009.

After a recent purchase of a vintage pen:

"A few months ago I bought a lovely old Conway Stewart 286 pen from you.  I am pleased to be able to tell you that I use it almost every day.  It is a real pleasure to use."
Denis Kennelly, Malvern, S.A. - October 2009.

After a vintage pen purchase:

"Perhaps you recognize the pen.  It's the Conway Stewart Duro you sold me.  It writes beautifully as you can see.  I'm still getting used to the flex in the nib.  Many thanks, I will enjoy my pen for years to come."
Dominic Frinzi, Arizona, U.S.A.. - September 2009

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