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Our restored stock for sale on our our website is sadly lacking at the moment for two reasons:

1. Difficulties in sourcing stock from overseas from our regular auction houses and others with whom we deal. The number of overseas auctions has reduced dramatically in the face of the COVID pandemic and there are substantial shipping difficulties in getting stock freighted from overseas, particularly the UK and Europe where historically, we buy stock from; and

2. The huge volume of repairs and restorations we are receiving and have received on a constant basis in the last 18 or so months. We are now receiving three times the number of repairs that we received in pre COVID times which in terms of time, are preventing us from restoring stock for website sale on a regular basis. At the moment, we hold a large amount of stock for restoration and are about to embark on a purge of that stock to make it available for website sale on the various pages of this site. As a great deal of that stock is high quality stock, the difficulty in finding the time to restore it is very frustrating to us. Keep watching the pages, they will start to fill soon with new, restored stock


A new selection of stock surplus to our requirements in small bag lots has been added to our Bag Lots page. We continue to add Bag Lots to that page when we have the time to do so.


December 2020 - more new repair tools added to our Repair Tools page.


The WES is an excellent organisation devoted to the study and preservation of pens and writing related items. It publishes the WES Journal, four times annually and has done so since 1980. The WES Journals are an excellent source of technical and repair information for many makes and models of fountain pens, pencils and other writing ephemera. The WES has recently published all articles on fountain pens (and other writing ephemera) between the Society's inception in 1980 and 2019 in the form of its "White Books" which contains reference material written by leading collectors and respected authorities. There are currently, three volumes (each of over 300 pages) dealing solely with fountain pens. These are well worth the investment for any serious pen enthusiast at a WES member's price of 25.00 GBP (or non-member's price of 50.00 GBP), per volume, plus postage and packing. Inquiries should be made with Jeremy Colleridge, Librarian of the WES at

It is also well worth joining the WES at a very modest annual subscription, if only for the pleasure of receiving its WES Journal!


We recently acquired the spare parts and vintage pen stock of a former, well known Sydney pen retailer.  This acquisition has resulted in our now holding (among others):
  • Thousands of gold and plated nibs of various brands including Lamy, Parker, Montblanc, Diplomat, Bock, Warranted, Dupont, Dasi and others;
  • Hoards of spares for brands such as Montblanc, Lamy, Parker, Dupont and rare Pelikan nibs and spares;
  • Cap clips by the hundreds including Parker, Eversharp, Sheaffer and Parker 51;
  • Vintage conklin parts including crescent bars;
  • Vintage pencil mechanisms;
  • Converters to suit many brands; and 
  • Much more.
We are not selling these items separately but adding them to our spares stock for our vintage and other repairs. The vintage pen stock will be slowly added to our web pages when time permits for restoration, over the coming months.


Whenever we can, we publish a Newsletter dealing with new releases, new products, important vintage pens released for sale, general pen articles and anything else we think worthwhile for you to know.  Because of the sheer volume of our email list of clients and friends, we no longer individually email our Newsletters.  Just check here from time to time and download our latest Newsletter from the link below.

To download our latest Newsletter, follow this link - The Pensmith's Newsletter


From time to time we find ourselves over-stocked with various items which we are prepared to sacrifice in terms of price.  See our current website specials here.  Some great bargains.


Sadly, Conway Stewart ceased manufacturing in 2014.  Whilst there are various attempts to resurrect the brand, those attempts are unlikely to reproduce the former glory and quality of now defunct UK operation.

As former distributors of Conway Stewart, we have a collection of Conway Stewart display memorabilia which is gathering dust in our warehouse.  Rather than it grow cobwebs, we are now offering it for sale.  See what is available at our Conway Stewart Display Memorabilia page.  Some bargains there for the dedicated Conway Stewart enthusiasts!  All of course are negotiable as the dust gathers.


Be quick though, there are only 300 copies of this book published as a limited edition.  We know Jim Marshall well and often deal with him.  He is the doyen of pen repair and restoration, antique pens, writing ephemera and generally, "all things pens and writing equipment".  Now, we don't read books unless they relate to lathes or pens. But in one sitting we devoured (and relished) the best 300 or so pages we have ever read dealing with all forms of writing equipment, written by undoubtedly, the world's expert on the subject. This is a fascinating and absorbing  book and a must for any pen or writing eqipment enthusiast.  Profits from the book are generously donated by Jim to his favourite charity, Cumbrian Cerebal Palsy.

This "must have" is available at 60.00 GBP plus postage from Jim and Jane Marshall directly, who can be contacted by email at


In June 2014, we supplied the vintage pens to Gallipoli Productions Pty Ltd ( a division of South Australia Film Corporation) for use by actors in "Deadline Gallipoli", a mini-series telling the story of journalists of the day who struggled to obtain the truth from Government about Australia's fighting status during Word War I. The series was released to coincide with the 2015 Anzac Day Centenary.

Since 2014, we have supplied eight Australian film production companies with vintage pens to suit a wide range of productions from various eras.


Have a look at some exciting new Mint condition releases on our Collectors' Specials page.  Rare Conway Stewarts which will never be made again!

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