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Brass Compass/Clinometer - Stock No 600102
Description Not quite an inkwell or writing ephemera but, a very interesting piece acquired at a writing equipment auction.  A 1920's English compass/clinometer in brass in  perfect working order.  Two internal spirit levels ensure accuracy together with adjustable bevel for perfect reading.  Unmarked mirror and mechanism.  A rare piece which compliments any writing equipment collection!  Approx 85 mm diameter.
Condition Exc
Price SOLD                                                                                                                       

Ivory and Brass Seals - Stock No 600103
Description A set of ivory and brass seals - two signature seals and one generic seal together with the boxed, mint impression of one of the signature seals.  The boxed impression is fitted in a small, finely made, round wooden box in excellent condition.  At least one of the signature seals (and the boxed imprint) was made by  C & E Layton, Seal Makers and Engravers of Fleet Street, London.  We date these pieces to approx 1850.  These rare pieces are in fine condition and entirely original.
Condition VGC
Price $520.00 AUD + GST                                                                                                                                 


Conway Stewart Nib Case - Stock No 600104
Description A Conway Stewart representative's nib sample case.  Comprising 24 14 carat gold Conway Stewart nibs from size 3B to size 26.  A very rare item for a serious collector.
Condition EXC
Price $1,000.00 AUD + GST                                                                                                                         

Casein and celluloid lead holder - Stock No 600105
Description Coloured casein and black celluloid capped early pencil lead holder.  In very good condition with no damage.
Condition VGC
Price $40.00 AUD + GST                                                                                                                                 

English Ink Stand  - Stock No 500501
Description A rare 19th Century English Boulle work ink stand.  In excellent overall condition for its age. Features Mahogany veneer inlaid with intricate brass floral cut pattern.  Insignificant small portions of inlay have been damaged over time.  Carries cut lead glass inkwell with brass collar in very good condition.  A small portion of the detail of the intricate inlay is below.  An exceptional and rare piece.  Measures approx  315 mm wide by 180 mm deep and 115 mm high with inkwell.
Condition Exc
Price $950.00 AUD + GST                                                                                                                                 

Mahogany Single Inkwell - Stock No 500511
Description Mahogany base and pressed glass single inkwell with bakelite top with pen rest.  Unmarked glass and bakelite top.  Approx  175 mm square.
Condition VGC
Price $100.00 AUD + GST                                                                                                                                 

Desk Stand - Stock No 500513
Description Spelter and Brass Standish, ornate with provision for two inkwells.  We can supply inkwells to order at an extra charge.
Condition GC
Price $110.00 AUD + GST                                                                                                                                 

Sterling Silver Capstan Inkwell - Stock No 500515
Description In excellent conndition, this hallmarked inkwell was made in 1916 from British sterling silver.  It is hallmarked by the Birmingham Assay Office and features minor blemishes only.  Complete with glass insert well.  Approx 11 cm diameter at base.
Condition VGC
Price SOLD                                                                 

Wooden and glass double inkwell - Stock No 500516
Description Featuring a flat base and two square cut crystal ink wells.  Both inkwells feature brass collars and hinges in excellent condition. Save for one small corner of one inkwell, the square cut glass of the wells are perfect.  These feature crystal cut tops in excellent condition.  The provenance of this item dates it to circa 1887.  Measures approximately 250 mm x 155 mm.
Condition VGC
Price $260.00 AUD + GST                                                                                                                              

Sterling Silver Standish - Stock No 500520
Description A fine sterling silver double inkwell made in 1897.  Unmarked glass and collars on bottles.  Features Makers Mark "RM/EH" and Sheffield Assay Office Standard and Date Marks.  We doubt whether it has ever been used.
Condition EC
Price SOLD                                                                                                                         

Silver Capstan inkwell - Stock No 500521
Description Sterling silver capstan inkwell with glass insert.  Made 1996.  Bears Birmingham Assay Office Standard and Date Marks. Unused.  Photographed unpolished.  Approx 8 cm diameter at base.
Condition Mint
Price SOLD                                                                                             

Pewter Inkwell - Stock No 500524
Description Circular pewter inkwell made circa 1890.  Approx 9cm in diameter.  Features original glass insert. Excellent overall condition.
Condition EXC
Price SOLD                   

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