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Vintage Pens - Overview

The true fascination of vintage pens escapes many.  To us, each pen reveals (or sometimes hides) a true story about its owner or in some cases, succession of owners.   For instance, consider this old example:

Miss Blanchflower was doubtless pleased on Christmas Day 1922 to receive this now rare "Bank" fountain pen which we have since sold to a serious collector.  Doubtless it has told (and may continue to tell) many stories about both Miss Blanchflower and her era.  The true fascination of vintage pens is that like Miss Blanchflower's pen, they can if properly and sensitively restored, live for yet another generation.


M - Mint condition - as new and unused;
NM - Near Mint condition - may have been dipped or filled;
EXC - minimal wear, no brassing (except possibly clip ball), strong imprints, otherwise very good condition condition without significant scratches;
VG - moderate wear for age with no significant brassing to plated parts;
G - resembles age of the pen, moderate scratches, some brassing, otherwise serviceable and sound;
F - fair quality reflecting poor handling or care for a pen of its age;
FLAW - the pen has fundamental flaws which are contained in the description.

Unless otherwise noted in a pen's description, it does not come with an original box, other packaging or instructions. We do have a good collection of vintage boxes which can often be supplied to match a particular pen.  As we also sell vintage pen boxes, boxes are an extra charge.

Pens and pencils sold are warranted to be in working order unless otherwise stated.  Unless there is a very good reason to do so, we avoid polishing pen bodies and caps when restoring vintage pens. Rubber sacs and seals have been replaced, nibs smoothed and each pen has been pulled-down, cleaned and dip tested unless otherwise indicated.  Any pens which are sold in original (unrestored) condition are clearly noted as such. 

Prices do not include shipping.  We are always happy to reserve a particular pen for you if you are uncertain if you wish to purchase it.  Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Sale on our Orders page


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